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What's the difference between weatherproof sealant and structural sealant?

Jul 11,2019 | Views: 1588

1.Structural sealant is used for bonding between materials (glass, profile, stone, etc.), which has structure and can transfer external and internal forces on the bonded materials.Weather-resistant sealant is used for sealing between components to achieve waterproof and weather seal purpose. 

2.The main difference is that structural sealant bears heavy duty, and weather-resistant sealant does not bear heavy duty.

3.Structural sealant is a high modulus type. (The modulus is the ratio of force and deformation)

Structural sealant is small deformation when the force increasing or decreasing.

4.The structural sealant has two components and one component, while the weather resistant sealant has only one component.

5.The elastic modulus of structural sealant is larger than that of weather resistant sealant, but the aging resistance of weather resistant adhesive is stronger than that of structural sealant.

6.Weather resistant sealant is able to withstand the wind, rain and sun, used as sealing and waterproof and prevent uv; Structural sealant is a kind of adhesive that can combine the advantages and connect structures.

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