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Test Method of Adhesive and Sealant

Jul 26,2019 | Views: 1460

Refers to the color, state, macroscopic uniformity, mechanical impurities, etc., it can intuitively assess the quality of adhesive.

Test method:
A. Pour the adhesive sample into a beaker and stir with a glass stick to observe whether the adhesive liquid is uniform and whether it contains other mechanical impurities or coagulants.

B.Tilt the adhesive into a vertical bottle and observe whether the glue flows evenly from the top of the bottle along the wall of the glass bottle.


Density is the mass per volume of material at a specific temperature, in mg/m3, which reflects the uniformity of the adhesive mixture.

Determination method:
a.pycnometer method   b. hydrometer method   c. syringe method


Viscosity is an important index to evaluate the adhesive quality.
Determination method:
a.Rotational viscometer method    b. Viscosity cup method

Nonvolatile content

An adhesive containing a solvent must determine the nonvolatile content of the component.
Calculation formula of nonvolatile substance content (X%) :
Note: G1 - sample quality after drying (g) g - sample quality before drying


Test pH value can know the size of the adhesive acid base, the smaller the pH value, the stronger the acid; The higher the pH, the stronger the alkalinity. If it contains acidic substances, it will cause the corrosion of metal.

Determination method:
The easiest way to test is with a pH paper, but this method is only suitable for water-based or emulsion adhesives, and is not accurate. The glass electrode acidity meter is the most accurate method, suitable for water-soluble, dry or water-free media and adhesives that can dissolve, disperse and suspend in water

Applicable Time
The application period of adhesive is the time when the prepared adhesive can maintain its usable property. It is an important industrial index of chemical reactive adhesive and double liquid rubber adhesive.

Cure time
The curing speed of adhesive is the main data to study the curing condition of adhesive.

Storage time
The storage time of adhesive is under certain conditions, the adhesive can still maintain its operating performance and the storage time of specified strength.

Chemical resistance
Chemical resistance medium is one of the durability indexes of adhesives. The adhesive resistance to chemical reagents is measured by the reduction of adhesion strength of metal samples bonded by adhesives after they are soaked in a certain test liquid at a certain temperature for a specified time.


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