Mirror use Silicone

Silicone sealant & Insulating Glass sealant

Mirror silicone sealant

Mirror silicone sealant

The mirror sealant is a clear neutral-curing,100% silicone sealant with outstanding adhesion that provides a permanent flexible bond for mirrors to painted surfaces, plaster, metal, or wood, It is also an ideal for glazing, weather sealing, metal assembly and many other professional applications.
  • Product Details

• Acid-free, low odour
• Unaffected by alcohols, dilute acids and alkalis, soap and household detergents
• Suitable for alkaline substrates such as concrete, plaster, fibrous concrete
• Excellent UV-resistance and durability
• Non corrosive to metals, Non-sag
• Excellent mould resistance
• Flexible at low temperatures down to -40°C, heat resistance up to +120°C
• Low shrinking on curing

Packing: 300ml cartridges, 24 cartridges / carton.