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Weather sealant

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    Guard building exteriors against wet weather, extreme temperature, damaging UV and air intrusion, with Silicone Tech weather sealant.

    Hangzhou Silicone Tech Adhesive Co., Ltd. weather sealant make the facade perfectly waterproof even under rough conditions like temperature changes, moisture shrinkage of construction materials, wind and vibrations. Silicone Tech weather sealant is available in a great variety of colors.

    A completed facade must be absolutely waterproof and fulfill highest expectation on quality and optical appearance. Thus requires high performance Silicone Tech weather sealant. The individual elements are ultimately subject to extreme movements due to temperature changes, shrinkage of construction materials, sound, wind and vibrations, which may affect the joints and adjacent elements. Silicone Tech does also offer Silicone Tech weather sealant for highly sensitive natural stones such as granite, marble and sandstone when used on facades.

    Perfect Appearance for Weather Sealant Facades

    Silicone Tech weather sealant products add outstanding weather resistance, durability and adhesion to your project. Able to perform in all climates, weather sealant provide excellent protection against air and water ingress. The high movement capability of these products helps to minimize maintenance to ensure sustainability.

    The weather sealant family of sealants brings excellence to any design. It has the ability to accommodate joint movements in buildings and fa├žades, prevents air and water from leaking around windows and doors, and seals surfaces such as plazas and parking decks for long-lasting use.

    Find a large selection of standard Silicone Tech weather sealant colors whichSilicone Tech is offering. Whatever your requirements, the Silicone Tech team is here to help you choose the right weather sealant for your project. More colors are available including transparent, don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about the full color chart.

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