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Dow Corning 795 Grade Weather Sealant

Dow Corning 795 Grade Weather Sealant

STC Weatherproofing silicone Sealant is a one-component, neutral curing construction sealant which can provide a long-term, elastic, waterproof rubber seal design for normal building facade and glazing applications.

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Dow corning 795

• Ease of application.Ready to use as supplied; one-component, moisture cure, no need for mixing.
• Weatherability; offers resistance to sunlight, rainwater, snow, ozone and extreme temperatures.
• Durability; the cured sealant can maintain its elasticity in temperatures of -50ºC to 150ºC without hardening, cracking or degrading.
• Reasonable operation time; allows operators greater control of application and tooling time.
• No slumping; can be used for the sealing of vertical and wide joints.

Use: The sealant especially designed for outdoor use, building aluminum window,aluminum-plastic panel, curtain wall and repairing or caulking gaps and joints. It easily extrudes in a wide rang weather condition and quick cures at room temperature to form a high durable and flexible rubber sealing. 


Dow corning 795

Cartridge package: 280ml, 300ml /pc , 24 pcs/ carton.
Sausage package: 590ml, 600ml/pc , 20 pcs /carton.

12 months stored in cool(below 27℃), dry and ventilated places.


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