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Frequence questions of using two-component silicone

May 21,2019 | Views: 1514
1. Mixture sealant's color not pure 
a. Check the One-way valve leaks and replaces the one-way valve.
b. The glue mixer and the inner tube of the gun are blocked, clean the mixer and tube.
c.  The dirt come to pump, clean the pump.
d. The air pressure of the air compressor is insufficient, the air volume is unstable.

2. curing speed is too fast or too slow
a. The ratio of 1 A and B components is not adjusted well, and the proportion of components A and B should be mixed at 10:1 (volume ratio). The ratio displayed on the scale of extrude machine is different from the ratio of the actual sealant. Some extrude machines are adjusted to 15 : 1 , but the actual output is only 10 : 1 , so this is determined by the operator. A barrel of A component sealant (white glue) is just a bucket of B component sealant (black glue). If B sealant is used much, the glue dries quickly, adjust the scale to a large number → ( 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ) , if B sealant is used less ( glue is dry slowly , not black enough , hair Gray), adjust the ratio to a small number → ( 9 , 8 , 7 ).

b. In summer, the temperature is higher, and the curing speed will be faster. According to the situation, adjust the scale to a large number → ( 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 ), the temperature in winter is lower,tThe speed will be slower, depending on the situation, the scale will be smaller → ( 9 , 8 , 7 )

3.  Sealant come from the press plate of machine
a. The seal ring is damaged or deformed, replace a new seal ring.
b. The lifting-pushing pressure is too big.
c. The barrels are too big, not suitable. 

4. Press plate can not going down 
a. barrel deformation, not round, use the hammer to round the barrel mouth, and then press it down.
b. barrels are too small, or the pressure plate seal is too large, glue a little of com A on the seal ring, which can play the role of lubrication and then press down.

5. Bubble problem (component A bubble or bubbles after mixing)
Solutions: Air exist in drums or barrels, it need open the discharge valve when shift new barrels, make sure air comes completely.

6. Insulating glass has fogging problem.


a. Two-component silicone sealant is for secondary sealing of IG unit, primary sealing of IG unit should use butyl sealant, make sure the butyl seal perfect at the connector joint or plastic corner as well.

b.  Use quality Molecular sieve in IG unit, good quality molecular sieve is able to remove moisture rapidly. 

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