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What is Weatherproof Adhesive?

Apr 14,2020 | Views: 195

Weatherproof adhesive is a one component, neutral curing silicone sealant specially designed for various curtain wall weather resistant seals, which has excellent weather resistance. After artificial accelerated climate aging test, the physical and chemical properties of the sealant have no obvious change. When in use, the glue is squeezed from the sealant cylinder to the joint to be sealed with the extruding gun. The sealant absorbs the moisture in the air at room temperature and solidifies into an elastomer to form an effective seal.

Advantages of weatherproof adhesive

1. Single component, easy to use, with good extrudability and thixotropy in the temperature range of 4 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃. It can be extruded directly with the glue gun;


2. Neutral curing, non corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete, marble, granite and other building materials, widely used;

3. The displacement capacity is up to grade 20. For the normal expansion and shear deformation of curtain wall, the product can keep the performance unchanged and play an effective sealing role;

4. Excellent weather aging resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance;

5. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature. After curing, it will not brittle, harden or crack at - 30 ℃ and will not soften or degrade at + 90 ℃, and will always keep good elasticity;

6. It has excellent cohesiveness. After curing, it forms strong cohesiveness with most building materials without using primer;

7. It has good compatibility with other neutral silicone adhesives.


Application of weatherproof adhesive

1. Used for weather proof sealing of various glass curtain walls;

2. Used for weather proof sealing of metal (aluminum plate) and enamel curtain wall;

3. Used for joint sealing of concrete, metal, etc;

4. Joint sealing of roof building.

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