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What is Structural Adhesive?

Apr 08,2020 | Views: 231

Structural Adhesive is a kind of adhesive with high strength (compression strength > 65mpa, steel steel normal tensile bonding strength > 30MPa, shear strength > 18Mpa), which can bear large load, and is resistant to aging, fatigue and corrosion, and has stable performance in the expected life, and is suitable for the bonding of structural parts with strong strength.


Advantages of structural adhesive
1. Easy to use: can be extruded at any time.
2. Neutral curing: suitable for most building materials without adverse reactions or corrosion.
3. Excellent adhesion: without primer, it can form strong adhesion with most building materials.
4. Excellent aging stability.
5. After curing, it has high modulus performance and can bear ± 25% expansion displacement capacity of interface.

Curing time of structural adhesive
It can be put into use after curing at 20-25 ℃ for 24 hours or 20-25 ℃ for 2 hours + 80 ℃ for 2 hours. If the temperature is low, heating or prolonging the curing time should be used to promote the curing.


Application of structural adhesive

The structural adhesive has the advantages of high strength, peel resistance, impact resistance and simple construction technology. It is used for bonding metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, wood and other same materials or different materials. It can partly replace the traditional connection forms such as welding, riveting and bolt connection. The stress distribution on the joint surface is uniform, and there is no thermal effect and deformation on the parts.


Structural adhesive is widely used in engineering, mainly used for reinforcement, anchoring, bonding, repair of components; such as bonding steel, bonding carbon fiber, planting reinforcement, crack reinforcement, sealing, hole repair, road nailing, surface protection, concrete bonding, etc.

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