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What is no nail adhesive?

Sep 08,2019 | Views: 1335
What is no nail adhesive? How to use no nail effectively?

No nails, also known as liquid nails, is a strong adhesive of multi-functional building adhesive. As its name implies it is a kind of new building adhesive material that replaces nail. Can be used for indoor and outdoor installation of a variety of building materials, the construction process without the use of electric drills, hammers, expansion nails, and other tools. It has the advantages of simple construction, no drilling, no noise, no dust, can fill the gap of the seam and adjust the position during installation.

No nail product features

1. Fast bonding speed (in "seconds").
2. Adhesion strength ≥3MPA (30kg /cm).
3. Wide bonding range, widely used in various buildings.
4, environmental protection, no odor, solvent content ≤13%.
5. It can be stored for more than 24 months.
6, easy construction (scraping, the coating can be).

So, what's the difference between no nail and glass sealant?

No nail is mainly used for bonding and positioning, such as fixed installation between the same or different decorative materials on the wall of mirrors. And vitreous glue is the main character with sealing prevent leakage, common home installs the application to have window and windowsill aperture place, clean to provide, sit implement, wash one's hands the aperture place of pool and metope to wait a moment. The glass sealant that has a mildew-proof effect is not easy long mildew, use time is longer, apply to the environment with a few damp, easy long mildew especially, wait like bathroom, kitchen.

Where is no nail mainly used?

A new house is built at the beginning and the old room is transformed can be applied extensively. The commonest have door window to cover, stair and footplate, kick crural line, wall waistline, gesso line, adornment board, all sorts of adornment material and stone material. The base material surface involves various kinds of absorbent and non-absorbent materials such as wood plate, ceramic products, metal, concrete, and stone.

How to use no nail adhesive

Dry bonding method

1. With a distance of 20-40cm, extrude the no nail according to the "of" shape.
2. Press the daub side on the adhesive, pull it open, and let the glue evaporate for 5 minutes;
3.Press on both sides.

Wet bonding method
1. Apply no nail to the product according to the first method.
2, with the clamp, nails or screws, will be tightly nailed together on both sides.
3. After waiting for 24 hours, remove the clamp, and then leave it for 1-3 days until it completely solidifies.

The bonding method of loading materials

1. Glue and press the product first.
2. Separate it again, wait for 5 minutes, and then press the product into place.

3. Support can be provided if necessary

Can no nail stick the ceramic tile?
The answer is ok, but before using, must clean metope or ceramic tile clean, such not only convenient solidification, and stickup effect is better also.

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