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About Hot melt adhesive

Aug 26,2019 | Views: 1340
Composition of hot melt adhesive

1. The polymer
Provides strength, toughness, adhesion and weather resistance
2. Tackifier
Improve adhesion, improve wetting, reduce viscosity
3. The thinner
Reduce viscosity, improve operating performance, adjust curing speed and opening time
4. Antioxidants

Slow down the oxidation deterioration of hot melt adhesive

Hot melt adhesive characteristics

1.100% solid, no solvent and no pollution
2. Fast curing, suitable for high-speed automatic production line
3. Low energy consumption, no need for drying equipment
4. Convenient transportation and long storage
5. Thermal plasticity, which can be melted and reused

1. Narrow operating temperature, poor high temperature and cold resistance
2. Limited bonding strength

Proper use of hot melt adhesive
1. According to the application requirements and equipment conditions, the correct selection of different types of hot melt adhesive.
2. Set the temperature, pressure and amount of glue according to the process parameters recommended by hot melt adhesive manufacturers, which can be appropriately adjusted by experienced employees. Do not change at will.
3. The amount of glue should be suitable, too much is a waste, but too little is a great adhesive force is too low and the quality risk of aging.
4. When using different materials, the adhesive properties and aging rate must be re-tested.
5. The temperature setting shall not exceed 200℃ to slow down the carbonization of hot melt adhesive and equipment damage.
6. If the production line is temporarily shut down for more than 2 hours, the operating temperature of hot melt adhesive machine should be reduced by 20-30℃, and the studio will adjust the temperature back to the set value.
7. In winter, the operating temperature of the rubber machine can be appropriately increased by 10-20℃ to reduce the impact of environmental temperature changes on the bonding effect.

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