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Adhesive and sealant in the automobile industry.

Sep 15,2019 | Views: 1365
Driven by the need to reduce weight and improve fuel efficiency, the automotive industry is increasingly inclined to use more lightweight materials, such as plastics, composites and aluminum alloys, which eventually require the use of adhesives. The market for adhesives continues to grow.

1.The body

Automobile body is more pressure-sensitive adhesive, the pressure-sensitive adhesive is a kind of adhesive that can be produced by appropriate pressure, this kind of adhesive has a certain adhesion to various materials, and has a certain peel strength, even can be reused.

2. Interior

Commonly used neoprene decorative adhesive, SBS decorative adhesive, water-based decorative adhesive. Neoprene is the earliest synthetic rubber developed, with high bonding strength, high tensile strength and elongation, excellent weather resistance and heat resistance. The prepared adhesive can be cold cured at room temperature and has the characteristics of high bonding strength, high initial adhesion, good dielectric resistance, and wide bonding range. SBS decorative adhesive has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness, fast curing, and low-temperature resistance. The water-based decorative adhesive has high solid content and good bonding strength. In addition, there is a polyurethane adhesive.

3. Ceiling

Ceiling commonly used adhesive EVA hot melt adhesive, SBS hot melt adhesive. EVA hot melt adhesive is currently the largest amount of hot melt adhesive. EVA resin as the base material, viscosity enhancer for rosin glyceride, polymerized rosin, plasticizer for polymer paraffin, etc. SBS hot melt adhesive and EVA hot melt adhesive composition is similar, only to SBS instead of EVA, get different properties of hot melt adhesive.

4. Car body structure

The most commonly used body structure is polyurethane adhesive. Often used for the assembly of Windows (windshield) seal, body and other parts of the assembly. PU adhesive is a kind of adhesive containing aminoester base and isocyanate base in base material molecules. It is the most commonly used sealant with good abrasion resistance, adjustable performance, wide application range, great mechanical strength, excellent low softness and recovery, and can be used for dynamic joint sealing. Its disadvantages are not long - term heat resistance, vulnerable to ultraviolet aging, many occasions need a primer.

5.Auto repair

Cars tend to appear in the process of using this or that kind of mechanical problems, especially in the field does not have maintenance condition, when the engine cylinder block or cracks on the tank and seal crack, can be used in a two-component, anaerobic adhesive, fast curing acrylic adhesives or durable performance better fast curing of epoxy resin adhesives for repair, if interior, lateral bar, such as cracking, can use the hot melt adhesive for bonding, in order to maintain the use temporarily, such as to make a thorough repair again after repair station.

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