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Polysulphide Sealant for IG unit, Thiokol

Polysulphide Sealant for IG unit, Thiokol

The Polysulphide IG Sealant, Thiokol is a kind of room-temperature vulcanized sealant with high performance especially formulated for secondary seal for Insulating glass. The sealant has excellent elasticity and adherent stability to various glass, aluminum, PVC and metals, the sealant is stable and compatible to most sealants.

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Polysulphide IG Sealant For Waterproofing & Sealing Joints

The polysulphide IG Sealant provides outstanding resistance to weathering and  chemical attack from solvent, alkalis, dilute acids, oils and grease.


1.Cures at ambient temperatures to a tough, elastic and permanently elastic rubber like material.
2.Durable, good chemical resistance,remains unaffected by UV rays, ozone and weathering conditions.
3.Economical, easy to use
4.Non- sag in vertical and overhead joints
5.Excellent repairability property.


Large Package: Com A 300kg/Drum Com B 30kg/barrel
Medium Package: Com A 30kg/ barrel, Com B 3.0kg/barrel
Small Package: Com A 4.0kg/ barrel, Com B 0.48kg/package


12 months store the polysulphide sealant in original unopened packaging at temperatures between 10-30 Degree Celsius.

IG Sealant may used with most commercially available insulating glass primary sealants. The joint faces or surfaces to be bonded must be dry, clean and free from dust and grease. As cleaning agent we recommend unless washing machines or other tested residue-free agents are available. IG Sealant is prior to working with this or any product consult product label and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for necessary health and safety precautions. Store in unopened containers in cool, dry conditions.

Silicone Tech is a leading IG sealant manufacturer in China. Silicone Tech Polysulphide IG Sealant, Thiokol can bond the individual components, forming a weather-resistant unit. Excellent unprimed adhesion to glass and metal substrates, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel, Single-component formulation minimizes waste and downtime by eliminating base purging and static mixer maintenance, Consistently non-slump, permitting automated glazing, Non-corrosive by products, Almost odorless fast curing formula. Our IG Sealant is primarily used as a secondary sealant in production of dual-sealed insulating glass unit production, Insulating glass silicone sealant can be also recommended with insulating glass units incorporating specialty glass types. 

Outstanding adhesion and strength come together in Silicone Tech Polysulphide IG sealant, Thiokol - making it the ideal choice for edge seals in structural and non-structural insulating glass units. Seal in consistent, proven resistance to UV rays, strong winds and temperature extremes, with Silicone Tech Polysulphide IG Sealant, Thiokol. Our IG Sealant has a high-modulus, 100% silicone formula that meets American and European industry specifications and standards. With first-rate flow characteristics, fast curing and an adjustable work life, this two-part system is suitable for both automated and manual production lines.

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