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Gun Grade Polysulfide Sealant

Gun Grade Polysulfide Sealant

STC Gun Grade Polysulfide sealant is a two component polysulphide based sealant for expansion joints. It consists of a `Base' compound and `accelerator' when the two components are mixed together prior to application, a firm, flexible rubber like seal with excellent adhesion to concrete, masonry, wood. It is used for construction, expansion & contraction joint application to seal the joint as it has excellent tensile modulus, elongation, bonding, UV & ozone resistance and waterproofing durability. Theproduct is particularly recommended for sealing horizontal structural expansion joints in most civil engineering structures like building superstructures, subways, basements, floors, etc.

  • Product Details
  • Bonds strongly to most of the building materials with the use of recommended primers
  • Cures at ambient temperatures to a tough, elastic and flexible rubber like material
  • Durable, remains unaffected by UV rays, ozone and weathering conditions
  • Can be applied in vertical & ceiling joints
  • Resilient recovers the original width after expansion & contraction without losing the surface bond
  • Sealant will not cause staining to concrete masonry or stones
  • Easy to apply and economical

gun grade polysulphide sealant

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