Bathroom sealant

Silicone sealant & Insulating Glass sealant

Bathroom and  Kitchen sealant

Bathroom and Kitchen sealant

Seal Your Bathroom & Kitchen With Bathroom Sealant 

STC Bathroom sealant is a type of single-component silicone, anti-fungal sealant, it mainly used in bathroom and kitchens.

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Choose The Right Caulk Or  Bathroom Sealant


Superior mildew-proofing performance, 

Environment-friendly products, no corrosion for contact surface, no pollution to environment.
Neutral, temperature curing. 
Using in extensive range, free primer to most material. 
Joint movement capability: ±25% 
Excellent waterproof & Good aging resistant ability. 

Range of Usage:

Fixing up and sealing kitchen and bathroom facilities, such as baths, showers, sinks, urinals and ceramic tile joints, it has good waterproofing and mildew proofing ability. The sealant also be accomplished in sealing of glass, marble and aluminum plate curtain walls, as well as all kinds of glass door and window.


Cartridge package: 280ml, 300ml /pc , 24 pcs/ carton.
Sausage package: 590ml, 600ml/pc , 20 pcs /carton.

12 months stored in cool(below 27℃), dry and ventilated places.

We have a globally supply network to ensure timely delivery of bathroom sealant without any delay. All of our high-quality Sealant can be ordered by merchants directly from the silicone-sealant-china website or via our sales team. Feel free to contact us as per your requirement, go through the details and make a contact.

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