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What are the advantages use silicone sealant for producing IG unit?

May 09,2019 | Views: 1286
Silicone sealant and common glass glue is the same system, is one of the sealant, namely sodium silicate and organic silicone, silicone polymer materials in the form of a substance.The silicone material have good adhesion for most materials, mechanical strength is moderate.

Silicone sealant is names as glass glue in our daily life, It can be acetic and neutral sealant according to the composition,neutral sealant can be used for structural sealant, general sealant, weatherproof sealant,according to the curing system, the silicone sealant inlcude one-component and two-component sealant, we often use one-component . 

Using silicone sealant for IG unit can give full play to the advantages of silicone sealant's sealing performance, can greatly increase the service life of IG, thus greatly facilitate our daily life.
It's convenient to operate, low loss and have a very good cost performance in the construction for silicone sealant.There’s one or more glue machine in the formal or has a certain scale IG processing line,according to the performance of the sealant,different kinds of sealant can not mix, this determines the machine must be clean.Silicone rubber is easy to operate, dissipate low, can use a single sealant for construction,reducing the work for cleaning the machine.In the insulating glass processing,using silicone sealant and butyl rubber to do double seal,to make the two sealant's effective performance to the extreme.The use of silicone or butyl combination of insulating glass double seal can be used for high, medium and low insulating glass.A two-component silicone insulating glass sealant’price is same as A two-component polysulfide insulating glass sealant,even low than it,so the silicone insulating glass sealant have more price advantage compared with similar products.

Everyone know that the polysulfide insulating glass sealant will send out a smelly "rotten egg smell"in use process,pollute the environment,but the same kind of silicone sealant have no obvious smell in use process, thus more beneficial to person for construction.

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