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How to clean the sealant

May 05,2019 | Views: 1432

Glass sealant,is a commonly used household adhesive which can be easily found in our daily life.But it will be troublesome when it stick to the hands or other parts in the process of using it.

So how to wipe off the glass sealant and wash our hands?


There are many methods to clean the glass sealant which is stick to articles:

1.Try to use alcohol;

2.Scrape off the sealant on the glass gently by knife;

3.Clean the article several times by using gasoline or Xylene solution;

4.It is okay to clean it by acetone, xylene, gasoline and oil of bananas.


So how to wipe off the sealant on the hands? By above chemicals? 

following is some methods we recommend:


1.Wipe off the sealant cleanly by using cotton which is moistened by kerosene or gas line,then wash hands by soap or washing-powder.

2.Wipe of the massive sealant by using napkin,and drop some water into washing powder,knead the hands then wash them.

3.Wipe of the massive sealant and wait the rest sealant on the hands to be air-dry,then rub it.

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