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Six characteristics of water-based acrylic sealant

Jul 07,2020 | Views: 199

1. Excellent adhesion


The polymer structure of water-based acrylic emulsion contributes to the flow and wettability of the molecular chain on the substrate surface, which makes the coating in close contact with the substrate molecules and achieves high adhesion.


2. High bearing capacity of color packing can significantly reduce the cost


Water - based acrylic emulsion has excellent filler, total solid content of coating formula can reach 60%. Among them, the ratio of resin to filler can reach 1:2, significantly reducing the formulation and use cost of waterborne wood paint.


3. Zero VOC is safe and environmental protection


Water-based acrylic emulsion does not contain VOC and can film at room temperature without film forming aid. The VOC content of coatings with such formulations can be zero.


4. Excellent water resistance


Water-based acrylic emulsions do not contain the surfactants used in ordinary acrylic emulsions and have specially designed hydrophobic groups. Therefore, water-based acrylic emulsion has excellent moisture resistance, which can prevent water molecules from permeating the substrate after the film is dry, and achieve the waterproof and moisture-proof effect.


5. Excellent weather resistance


The molecular structure of water-based acrylic emulsion adopts the uv stable monomer structure. Moreover, the emulsion is specially designed to make TIO2 fully and evenly disperse in the emulsion, reducing the influence of UV on the emulsion and effectively protecting the substrate.


6. Excellent pigment dispersion


The solubility of water-based acrylic emulsion and various water-based color pastes is good, so that the functions of fillers and pigments are maximized, and the paint color is bright.

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