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How to choose and buy with all sorts of decorate glue

Jul 08,2020 | Views: 183

Adhesive (glue) is the material that makes object surface join together, having the effect that replaces hard in decorating. A lot of owner feel, wait in the home formaldehyde benzene exceeds bid, it is the reason of advocate material furniture. Actually, the adhesive in auxiliary materials is ignored by people, the so-called no aldehyde no glue, no benzene no paint, adhesive is one of the biggest pollution sources of home decoration. A lot of adhesive contain trace formaldehyde and benzene to wait for toxic material, the toxic material content of inferior adhesive is more. The proposal owner people cannot be indifferent to adhesive when decorating consequently, choose along with outfit team. So small make up a few decoration common adhesive knowledge, for everyone to understand the reference.


1. GP silicone sealant


This is a kind of glue that must be used and use the highest frequency in domestic outfit, to building materials supermarket choose and buy relatively high-grade, won't cause too big pollution commonly.


A lot of places need to use it: countertop installation, toilet installation, glass assembly, basin installation and so on. Inferior gp clear silicone sealant not only has flavour, and still can become moldy later, break, fall off.


In addition, there is a kind of acetic silicone sealant, which has a very irritating smell when used. It has a strong adhesive force and is corrosive to some materials. Please be careful when purchasing


2. White latex, 107, 801, 901


White latex is used for adhesive and wood products. (available)


Glue 801 is prepared by polyvinyl alcohol and formaldehyde by condensation polymerization in acidic medium and then by amination. The preparation process contains unreacted formaldehyde. (available)


The 901 is the building glue, commonly used with cement, and double fly powder batch wall. (available)


The formaldehyde content of 107 glue exceeds bid seriously. (disabled)


3.Floor glue (Avoid use)


When the shop sticks parquet, cork, compound floor, can use direct adhesive laying method to stick the floor directly on cement floor. The glue used is called floor glazing sealant. The use of floor plastic paving, very convenient and fast. But relative to keel laid, suspended laid method, because of the use of glue, pollution is relatively large. Accordingly, the proposal chooses the floor that does not want gluey when buying a floor, avoid to adopt gluey way as far as possible.


4.Stone glue, PVC professional glue, ceramic tile binder, electrician special glue


Stone glue is suitable for the paste of marble, granite and metope.


PVC professional adhesive, fast setting; High adhesion, long life; More expansive, inelastic; Good waterproof performance; Flammable, slightly poisonous.


Ceramic tile glue is also called ceramic tile adhesive, mainly used for pasting ceramic tile, face tile, floor tile and other materials. Its main characteristics are high bonding strength, water resistance, freeze - thaw resistance, aging resistance and convenient construction. Less environmentally friendly.


Suitable for bonding plastic wiring pipe and fittings and insulating seal. Special for electrician, fast solidification, high adhesion, long life, no expansion, no elasticity, good insulation and sealing performance, flame retardant.


In conclusion: in domestic outfit is faulty, produce the toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, cyanide, its root cause is from the furniture, be bored with child, like all used in the home installs wallpaper glue, in most cases, we use the chemical glue, do not contain formaldehyde and benzene in technology these substances, so the pollution is not solved. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct indoor air detection before decoration to avoid blind check-in.

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