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Pourable Grade Polysulfide Joint Sealant

Pourable Grade Polysulfide Joint Sealant

STC Pourable Grade Polysulfide sealant  is a two part, pourable, self levelling, polysulphide based joint sealing compound, consisting of base compound containing a liquid polysulphide polymer and second part being an accelerator containing a curing agent. After mixing, the compound cures to form a tough, rubber like material with excellent flexibility and outstanding resistance to weathering water, salts, oils, mild alkalis etc.

STC Pourable Grade Polysulfide sealant is suitable for sealing horizontal joints due to its pouring consistency. It has excellent adhesion to most surfaces including concrete, wood, glass, aluminum and stainless steel. 

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1. Excellent weathering characteristics with resistance to rain, snow, heat & ultraviolet light
2. It gets cured quickly with low shrinkage
3. Accommodates continuous and pronounced cyclic movement
4. Excellent adhesion to most common substrates
5. High resistance to ageing influences, physical damage and climatic extremes
6. Resistance to petrol, diesel, jet fuel and most other common solvents & also unaffected by mild acids and alkalies
7. Forms a tough elastic rubber-like seal
8. Pourable grade sealant for horizontal joints
9. Long service life
10. Maintenance free

polysulphide joint sealant

Customized packing acceptable. 

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