Butyl Sealant FS-210

Silicone sealant & Insulating Glass sealant

PIB Butyl sealant for IG unit

PIB Butyl sealant for IG unit

The Butyl sealant is a one part polyisobutylene PIB based material, totally solvent free especially formulated for use as the primary seal in double sealed units. 
PIB allows for minimum water vapor and gas permeation.
Butylver has excellent adhesion properties to glass and metal spacer systems and can be used together with conventional secondary sealants.
It work for the edge of spacer frame by PIB machine, the sealant can be removed from glass without any pollution on glass.

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  • Very low moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) and gas permeability rates.  
  • Properly constructed dual-seal units incorporating the PIB butyl sealant will retain argon insulating gas and maintain a dry interior unit airspace for decades.  
  • PIB butyl sealant able to be used with most commercially available  silicone, polysulphide or butyl hot melt insulating glass secondary sealants. 
  • Without any smell


6-8kg per pc.

24 months stored in cool(below 27℃), dry and ventilated places.

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