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No nails adhesive

No nails adhesive

STC No Nails Adhesive is a premium quality, latex-based adhesive for interior construction and multi–purpose use.

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Uses:Ideal for applying coving,dado rails,skirting board,decorative wall panels,carpet grippers,plasterboard can be used on wood ,metal,ceramics,brick concrete,cork and PVC provided at least one surface is porous.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Instruction for use : 
Apply ensuring good contact with joint surface.Ensure adequate ventilation during application.Apply to clean dust free surface are dry before application .Skirting boards,dado rails,architraves and coving: Apply one or two parallel beads to the back of the object and press into place immediately. Work tops,wall panels,plasterboard and other large items:Apply adhesive approximately 50mm from the edge of the perimeter of the object and every 30mm intervals towards the centre of the object.You can apply to wall battens and immediately press firmly into place. When fixing heavy items or items to uneven surfaces,it may be necessary to use temporary support until dry.Full bond strength will be achieved in up to 14 days. Wipe away any excess adhesive with a damp cloth before adhesive has dried.

After Use: Tools should be cleaned immediately with water.Uncured sealant can be removed with water.

Limitations: Among others,not recommended for continuous water emersion and not for PE,PP,Teflon and Bituminous surface.Ensure the sealant is fully dry before water contact.Full drying can take 2% hours or more from application.Not suitable for gluing mirrors.At least 1 surface must be porous to allow adhesive to cure.Adhesion tests prior to application are recommended.It is the user's responsibility to determine suitability.

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