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Introduction of Unique Properties of Polyurethane Adhesive

Apr 02,2020 | Views: 243

Polyurethane adhesive has the unique properties of polyurethane, and its performance advantages are summarized as follows.Polyurethane adhesives have a wide choice of raw materials, many formulas, varieties and wide range of performance changes. The adhesive with different hardness can be made by adjusting the formula of polyurethane resin. The adhesive layer can be adjusted from flexible to rigid, so as to meet the bonding of different materials, which is widely used.

Polyurethane adhesive has good water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance and bacterial resistance, and has good flexibility, low temperature and ultra-low temperature resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance and fatigue resistance.Some kinds of polyurethane adhesives can be cured at room temperature, and some adhesives need to be cured by heating to obtain better performance.

Containing polar groups such as urethane group, ester group, ether group and urea group, adhesives have strong adhesion and are suitable for many kinds of substrates, such as foamed plastics, wood, leather, fabrics, paper, ceramics and other porous materials and metal, glass, rubber, plastic and other surface finish materials. Some varieties contain active NCO groups, which can react with active hydrogen groups on the surface of substrate to produce strong chemical bonding.

The disadvantages of polyurethane adhesive are: the price of some products is relatively high; polyester polyurethane adhesive is easy to hydrolyze under high temperature and high humidity to reduce the bonding strength; except for special varieties, it is generally not resistant to high temperature above 100 ℃; the adhesive components containing NCO are sensitive to moisture. Sealed storage is required.

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