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How to remove the silicone sealant?

Jul 27,2020 | Views: 895

As the most common adhesive used in building materials at present - silicone sealant, many users will be more troubled by one thing is that it is not stuck to the glass, is stuck to clothes and other things, then the problem comes, how to remove? How do you remove the glue that sticks to the glass without leaving a trace?


Adhesive paper stuck on the glass, after tearing down, there is a layer of glue on the glass, sticky, after being basked in by the sun at noon, it will give out the smell of glue, smell for a long time the head hurts. It won't work this way, but how to get rid of the glue on the glass?


1. You can first use the hot cloth to warm the glue on the glass, then use the single glue to touch it quickly while it is hot, then use the small blade to scrape the head of the glue and stick the single glue to it and then pull it down slowly.


2. Use a toothbrush or pot yarn dipped in detergent with a rag, and wipe it in a circle along the glue on the glass. At the same time, put a cloth under the toothbrush to prevent sewage dripping.


3. Wipe the glue on the glass with organic solvent or industrial alcohol, or high concentration of alcohol. Pay attention to wipe with a rag, do not touch directly with water.


4, blow with a hair dryer to soften the glue on the glass, when the glue on the glass becomes weak, it can be easily removed. If there are any small marks, wipe them with clean water.


5, with cotton or cloth dipped in vinegar, and then has been wet cotton or cloth coated on the glass of the glue, to cover the whole glass where the glue traces, until the glue on the glass is completely soaked, we can use a knife or pot yarn, slowly, little by little to remove the glue.


6, with a cloth stained with ethyl acetate gently wipe, double-sided glue will come down, quickly wipe a few times with a clean cloth, can be used to scrape the glue did not come down carefully, then use light water or hot water to wipe, you can remove all.

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