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How to Remove Glass Glue

May 05,2020 | Views: 234
1. As we all know, the so-called viscose, connecting agent and glue are the easiest to clean when they are not cured, no matter where they are stuck, on clothes, bodies and utensils; some of them can be easily cleaned by wiping with a rag and rubbing with water, so this kind of cleaning without curing is the simplest.

2. When installing the glass on the smoother items, you can scrape off the glass glue with a knife or a blade. It's worth noting that this is a little bit of manual technology. Don't scratch your own glass.

3. Different glass adhesives have different characteristics. For example, acid glass glue and neutral glass glue contain different chemicals; they can't be removed in the same way, otherwise it will cause unexpected regrets, which is very bad.

4. You can try to use banana water to remove it, because there is a main component in banana water that is "butyl acetate", and butyl acetate has a "banana fragrance", which comes from the name of banana water; pure banana water is slightly soluble in water, which can effectively dissolve in various organic solvents, with good effect.

5. Use nail washing water. The usage is the same as that of alcohol acetone, and the effect is very good. Nail polish is not required for quality, good or general, as long as the nail polish can be removed. After all, the nature of nail polish is similar to that of glass glue. It also belongs to the type which is not easy to be cleaned after solid state.

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