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Environmental Protection Problems and Solutions of Adhesives

May 18,2020 | Views: 69

Pollution Sources Of Adhesives

The environmental problems of adhesives are mainly environmental pollution and human health hazards, which are caused by harmful substances in adhesives, such as toxic and harmful solvents, auxiliaries, volatile organic compounds, etc.

The Way To Solve The Environmental Problems Of Adhesives

1. Change traditional concept and enhance environmental protection consciousness

Environmental protection is the key to ensure the sustainable development of economy and the healthy survival of human beings. The adhesive industry is responsible for the environmental impact. It is advisable to take effective measures as soon as possible. First of all, we need to change the traditional concept, not only focus on the immediate local interests, but ignore the damage to the ecological environment; not only focus on the temporary economic benefits, but at the expense of the environment. The adhesive industry should pay attention to social and environmental benefits while pursuing economic benefits, and make new contributions to environmental protection.

2. Development of environmental friendly adhesive

In order to avoid environmental pollution and ecological damage, it is imperative to develop environmental friendly adhesives with low pollution or no pollution. The so-called environmental friendly green adhesive refers to the adhesive that has no pollution to the environment, no toxicity to human body and meets the three requirements of "environmental protection, health and safety". In order to meet the needs of society and environmental protection, the varieties of adhesives should be updated quickly to produce environmental friendly green adhesives. At present, our main task is to accelerate the promotion of water-based, hot-melt, solvent-free, UV curing, high solid content and biodegradable green products, and limit the use of harmful solvents and additives.

3. Adopt advanced new clean production process

The new cleaner production process can realize the unification of economic and environmental benefits and produce environmentally friendly adhesives.

(1) Instead of using methyl methacrylate with strong taste, use monomer with high boiling point. Production of modified acrylate fast curing structural adhesive.

(2) No toxic raw materials, such as formaldehyde, chlorinated solvent, aromatic solvent and packing containing toxic heavy metal, are used in the preparation and production of adhesive.

(3) In the non-toxic and harmless conditions for production, such as polyformaldehyde instead of formaldehyde solution to produce modified amine curing agent.

(4) adding formaldehyde catcher, such as starch, polyvinyl alcohol, melamine and so on, can obviously reduce the free formaldehyde content of urea formaldehyde resin adhesive. Among them, oxidized starch is better than common starch, which can make free formaldehyde content< 0.1% 。

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