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Characteristic for Hot Melt Adhesive

May 12,2020 | Views: 232
1. Fast curing speed, suitable for modern high-speed assembly line operation.

2. There are a lot of bonding materials. The automobile is mainly composed of a large number of metal and non-metal parts. The hot-melt adhesive is suitable for the bonding of such products. For example, ABS, PP, PE, felt, etc. are widely used in automobiles.

3. Construction is convenient. There are many ways to apply hot melt adhesive, such as spraying, roller coating, scraping and so on.

4. Hot melt adhesive is 100% solid content, easy to store, energy saving, environmental protection, non-toxic, no secondary pollution to the environment.

5. Nowadays, there is a shortage of resources in the world. Many automobile companies have considered the recycling of resources after the car is scrapped. Hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of heating and melting, which is more advantageous when the car is recycled and disassembled.

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