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Working With Clear Silicone Sealant | Say Big No to These Mistakes

Jul 21,2021 | Views: 908

Before you purchase silicone adhesive or sealant for your project, you must check the materials you are working with. There are adhesives made especially for specific materials. Here is a guide to choosing the proper silicone sealant for your project. Besides, it also explains the mistakes you need to avoid when choosing the clear silicone sealant for you. Let’s proceed!


1: Not checking the expiration date


Before purchasing silicone adhesives and sealants, make sure it is not out of date. This is a small detail that is easily overlooked. Silicone sealant changes if it is past its shelf life. Tubes that are out of date take a longer time to dry and are no longer potent.


2: Not checking the shelf-life of the sealant


The majority of sealants sold cure today at the rate of 2-3mm per 24 hours, and this is precisely why they will not last forever in the tube. They have an especially short shelf life if in hot and humid conditions. Keeping them in the refrigerator will help extend their days, and keeping nozzles permanently attached will also help them cure slowly. Refrain from opening the tubes until you are ready to use the sealants, such as silicone or polysulfide sealant.


3: Not cleaning the surface


If there is any grime, oil, grease, or other residues on the surfaces with which you are working, you will have difficulty forming a solid and good bond. Make sure you clean surfaces thoroughly and let them dry before proceeding with your work. The same goes with the other sealants, such as the polysulfide sealant.


4: Not following instructions


There are various types of sealants and adhesives, and they come with slightly different instructions for how they are to be used, particularly in terms of how long it takes for the clear silicone sealant to dry. There are powerful adhesives that might need to be mixed with other substances before use. Therefore, always read the instructions and follow them to the letter.


5: Not using pressure


Gluing two pieces of metal together is different from using glue with paper and waiting for it to dry on its own. Pressure has to be applied to ensure the bond formed is as strong as possible. A vise or clamp can hold the pieces together with firm pressure so that the adhesive can bond to the metal surfaces prepared prior. Before removing the clamp, wait as long as possible and allow the clear silicone sealant ample time to dry. Do not hasten the process; otherwise, you will have problems.

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