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The main advantage of different component sealant

Aug 11,2020 | Views: 923

Adhesive also known as sealant, is to make the object and another object tightly connected as one of the non-metallic media materials. The adhesive occupies only one thin layer between the two bonded surfaces, but after the adhesive is used to complete the bonding construction, the mechanical and physical and chemical properties of the bonded parts can meet the requirements of the actual needs. Effectively bond materials together. There are many components of adhesive, mainly introduced here epoxy resin, polyurethane and silicone adhesive characteristics.


. Epoxy resin sealant


1. Epoxy resin is characterized by high mechanical properties, dense chemical structure and strong cohesion, so the epoxy resin adhesive has excellent adhesion properties.


2. The volume shrinkage rate and linear expansion coefficient of epoxy resin are small, so the internal stress of this adhesive is small and its technicality is very strong.


3. Low molecular weight volatiles are hardly produced during curing of epoxy resin, so its electrical properties are good.


4. Epoxy resin does not contain salt, alkali and other impurities, so the possibility of deterioration is extremely low, so it has strong stability.


5. but the heat resistance of epoxy resin is general, and small polarity of materials (such as PP, PP, fluoroplastics) adhesion is small. Surface activation must be performed first.


. polyurethane sealant


1. Polyurethane has a wide range of hardness, high mechanical properties and high abrasion resistance and impact resistance, giving polyurethane adhesive the same properties.


2. Polyurethane adhesive has excellent flexibility and elasticity under low temperature conditions.


3. polyurethane adhesive has good weather resistance and oil resistance, aging resistance.


4. However, due to the special chemical structure of polyurethane, such adhesives cannot be used in the high temperature and high humidity environment during the gluing process.

, the silicone sealant


Silicone sealant is the most widely used adhesive in the market at present.


1. Silicone sealant has good electrical properties, wide temperature range, good flexibility and low stress.


2. Silicone sealant does not exothermal in curing, and has low toxicity and low shrinkage after curing, which makes workers who use adhesive more happy.


3. Silicone sealant has stable chemical properties and corrosion resistance.

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