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How To Make Beautiful Glass Glue

Jun 07,2020 | Views: 83

Premise: the metal and plastic surfaces to be pasted shall be cleaned to remove oil stains (this is a point that many people will ignore, thinking that the direct gluing can cover the stains or oil stains, and the actual residues will greatly affect the use effect)

1. First, you should be able to use glue gun;

2. Determine the width of your glue, that is, the gap width;

3. Cut the glue mouth into smaller caliber than the gap according to the width of the gap;

4. Do a good job in the protection of both sides of the gluing gap, paste the masking paper on the glass, profile and stone on both sides of the gap (to correct the effect, ensure the beauty and protect the material surface);

5. Grasp the speed of gluing and the moving speed of the glue gun, and move the glue gun evenly according to the depth of the gap;

6. Repair the gluing area, find a blade to scrape the uneven area, and mend the area where there is no gap when gluing;

7. Wait for the curing time of different glass adhesives and then remove the masking paper on both sides of the material.

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