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Which materials can be used with adhesive?

Sep 09,2020 | Views: 693

Adhesives also known as sealants, followed by agents, will pass the surface treatment of two or more than two adhesive materials firmly connected together, and has a certain mechanical strength of the chemical properties.

 Adhesive bonding material

 1, metal

After surface treatment, the oxide film on the metal surface is easy to be bonded. Because the coefficient of expansion of two-phase line of the adhesive bonding metal is too different, the adhesive layer is easy to produce internal stress. In addition, the metal adhesive parts are prone to electrochemical corrosion due to water action.


3, wood

It is a porous material, easy to absorb moisture and cause dimensional change, which may result in stress concentration. In addition, the polished material has better bonding performance than the wood with rough surface.


4, plastic

The plastic with large polarity has good adhesive performance.


5, glass

The surface of the glass from a microscopic point of view is composed of an infinite number of uniform uneven parts. Use a good wetting adhesive to prevent the possibility of air bubbles in the bump. In addition, the glass is si-O - as the main structure, and its surface layer is easy to absorb water. Because glass polarity strong, polarity adhesive and surface prone to hydrogen bonding, forming a firm bond. Glass is brittle crack and transparent again, need to consider these when choosing adhesive.


PP material belongs to non-polar material, low surface energy, in PP material surface adhesion between substrate in process of falling and glue stick relay problem such as poor appear degumming, coating online tell everybody is an effective solution for PP material surface for effective pretreatment, in addition to basic cleaning, use PP treatment agent besmear to brush between the substrate and the glue to improve stick relay degumming solution.

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