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Use method of silicone sealant gun

Sep 25,2020 | Views: 917

Silicone sealant are commonly used in home life, for example to connect glass Windows and exhaust fans, and are sometimes purchased from installers for silicone sealant and guns. Sometimes we use sealant guns ourselves, so do you know how to use a sealant gun?


How to use the sealant gun?


Sealant guns can be divided into manual sealant guns, pneumatic sealant guns and electric sealant guns according to their different forces. They can be divided into a single component and two components according to the packaging form of adhesive.


When using, first of all, the back end of the button with the thumb buckle ring, wire pull in place. First put the glass glue head (mouth side), so that the front of the glue mouth part, then put the whole glue in, relax the thumb part, and then squeeze.


Reasons and solutions for the slow speed of sealant gun


1. Sealant gun is not easy to use and cannot be extruded. You can also use a sealant gun first.


2. The hand strength is not enough and the hand strength is not in place. Of course, the solution is to increase the hand strength and strength.

3, because the nozzle opening is too small, the nozzle opening cutting is large enough.

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