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SEO Statistics about the Keyword GP Silicone Sealant in Sep, 2020

Sep 18,2020 | Views: 634

Silicone-Sealant-China offers you the best range of GP silicone sealant that comes in one part and known for offering you fast curing and permanently flexible silicone sealant solutions. Not to mention it’s amazing and excellent waterproof performance; while it has a type of anti-fungal ability that you can use in bathroom and kitchens or even in other parts of home or any other space. As the most professional GP Silicone Sealant company, today we are going to introduce the SEO ideas about the keyword ‘GP Silicone Sealant’, please see the below form:


Above is the main SEO statistics of‘GP Silicone Sealant’ ofSeptember, 2020. We can know from them that this keyword isa little hard for search engine optimization. The reasons arethe following:  


1. The Avg. monthly searches is from 100 to 1,000

2. The Competition isHigh 

3. The Suggested Bid isa littleexpensive, which isalmost CN¥2.

4. The search result of the keyword ismore than100,000,000


Thus, we estimated that the keyword difficulty of ‘GP Silicone Sealant’ mightbe around70%.


Hangzhou Silicone Tech Adhesive Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of silicone sealant (acetic silicone sealant and weather sealant), hot melt butyl sealant and sealing material for insulating glass and building material. Our company built on 2003 , has acquired ISO9001 certificate in 2005, we have produced 1200 metric tons sealant in 2018, 70% of sealant was exported to over 22 countries. Now, we have nine production lines and are able to produce about eighteen types of sealant products. In order to expand export business, we have been devoting to research and development of new products. Meanwhile, we are pursing all the time is to provide the most competitive prices, the fastest delivery and the best service for our customers.

GP Silicone Sealant

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