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Four people were injured! An accident at a wacker U.S. polysilicon plant

Aug 16,2020 | Views: 735

There has been an accident at a polysilicon factory owned by Wacker, a chemical manufacturer in Tennessee, according to us media reports.


"At the time of the accident, four contractors were performing maintenance work on non-operating equipment at one of the facilities," the company said in a statement. The workers were repairing a stalled assembly line. Four contractors were taken to hospital immediately after the accident for injury assessment and treatment."


The company said the incident did not affect the local environment or surrounding communities in Charleston, Tennessee. But Johannes Bernreuter, a polysilicon analyst, said it was the latest in a series of problems at the plant that began production months earlier in early 2016.


"It's embarrassing for a mature and experienced polysilicon manufacturer like Wacker to have had five accidents in four years at its U.S. plants, including a major explosion," Bernreuter said.


Also in mid-July, another leading polysilicon manufacturer, a Chinese company, suffered a series of explosions at its polysilicon plant, which reportedly cut global production by more than 10 percent. A series of accidents may lead to a rise in product prices.

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